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Crewcut offers a maintenance service to keep your pool sparkling all year round.

With the support of our in-house pool shop we are able to test the water on a regular basis thereby adding the correct quantities of chemicals, as and when required.

We offer our assistance in supplying you, the client, with any pool hardware or pool repairs you may require from time to time (at an additional cost).

Weekly Maintenance includes:

  • Poolside water test

  • Administer necessary chemicals

  • Brush pool walls and floor

  • Clean out filter baskets

  • Monthly off-site lab water tests including:

    • Metal test

    • Calcium hardness test

    • Cyan uric acid test

    • Total alkalinity test


Other Extras

  • Comprehensive range of all pool hardware and spares readily available to assist clients with any repairs required

  • We offer professional pool renovations and refurbishments

  • Professional on site quotations

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